Knittng Goals – Pants!

bubble pant close up

In the past couple of years I’ve really focused on learning to make garments and getting better at finishing techniques. For a long while I’ve been wanting to make a pair of pants – there’s a couple of great patterns that have caught my eye. The Bubbly Pant (pictured above) is currently on my needles and it’s going to be quite the challenge. I’ve never made pockets before and I’m still wrapping my head around the pattern but I’m up for it.

Going down a Ravelry spiral of searching ‘pants’ yields some equally exciting results. Andrea Rangel  has a few different trouser and short patterns. My favourite being Kalaloch:


I love how high-waisted these are and they would look really cute as a pair of short-shorts

These shorts by Heather Dixon would be great for summer or winter and the cable detail is pretty slick:


Have you ever knit a pair of pants? How did it go?