SSKAL 17: Jones sweater

It’s been… a very long time since we’ve posted here. Sorry! We’ve still been knitting, but we’ve been more focused on knitting than blogging about it. Hoping to get back into the swing of things as we settle into fall.

This summer I did my very first knitalong (KAL), the summer sweater knitalong (SSKAL) hosted by Shannon Cook of Very Shannon. It was just the kick in the butt I needed! I had been working on a Jones sweater for ages, but I put it down about halfway through the first sleeve and left it for several months. Sleeves are really boring, you guys, I’m not sure if you knew that. But deadlines are very helpful things, self-imposed or otherwise, so I pledged to finish the sweater by the end of the SSKAL in September. And I did!


It’s so cozy. I absolutely love it. Perfect for fall days and cold offices. And since finishing it, I can’t wait to make more sweaters!


Crochet ripple baby blanket


I once made a baby blanket that my boyfriend loved so much that he wanted one of his own. Now, clearly my boyfriend is not a baby, so this would mean adjusting the pattern to make an adult-sized blanket. I put this off for about a month because I didn’t want to do math, but I did get around to it eventually.

Just a warning that this thing is huge and will take your FOREVER. Literally, the initial chains and first row took me an hour. That’s just because crocheting into a chain takes me a really long time (as opposed to crocheting into regular stitches) but you still need SO MANY ROWS for this blanket. This blanket took months!


Make sure you have some good TV or good company to keep you going while you work. I watched seven seasons of Trailer Park Boys, one season of the Walking Dead, two seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation, one season of Teen Wolf (shut up it’s good) and a TON of movies while working on this thing. Knitting/crochet dates are also a good way to get work done!

I’m just a big toasty cinnamon bun. I never want to leave this bed.
I’m just a big toasty cinnamon bun. I never want to leave this bed.

Have you made anything this big for someone? Is there a boyfriend blanket curse like the sweater curse?