Stitching Starlets

It shouldn’t be surprising that there are some famous folks out there who knit. I follow Lupita Nyong’o on instagram and was quite excited to see that on top of being an incredible actor and all around bad ass, she’s learning to knit:

Outside of your boyfriend, Ryan Gosling, I couldn’t think of other celebs who knit so this inspired a google-spiral that gave some pretty interesting results. While there are surely more exhaustive lists out there, here are a few of my favourite finds:

Christina Hendricks:

christina hendricks

It’s really wonderful to know that the inspiration for the dress I have in progress is also an avid knitter. Above, she’s wearing one of Tamara Mello’s many designs. There’s also a delightful interview here where she knits the whole time.

Ewan McGregor:

Ewan macgregor

Ewan McGregor was my high school movie star crush (this was back when an accent and taking it all off in films went a long way with me). No only does he know how to knit, but he also knows how to gift to knitters – Hello Big Loopy Merino!

Christopher Walken:

walken knits

While I haven’t found concrete confirmation on this one, he holds his wool continental style like a boss so he’s gotta know what he’s doing.

Marylin Monroe:

marilyn monroe

There’s plenty of actors from the Golden age of Hollywood that were also skilled with the needles – Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn, Clark Gable, Angela Lansbury, Jayne Mansfield and Joan Crawford to name a few – and they all make it look super glamourous!

Who is your favourite celebrity knitter?


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