Notions! Notions! Notions!

Keeping a good stock in your notions bag is essential to knitting on the go whether on the bus or in the pub (two of my most favourite knitting locales). Having all the extra bits lets you go from start to finish in a flash without worry! Here’s what’s in my notions bag:   Numbered

  1. The bag itself – this is a freebie make-up bag that came with a Sephora purchase. Any sort of satchel will do – clutch size is perfect for me as it usually will hold DPNs
  2. A tape measure – this cute little sheep was a gift from my mother (she uses the same one).
  3. Dental floss – this is because I’m a weirdo and get really bothered by food in my back teeth
  4. A cable needle (will come back to this later)
  5. Stitch holders – for when you need to make a pocket or hold stitches until you make a seam – I have these in 2 sizes
  6. Stitch counter
  7. Tiny scissors – go with the short size so that they’re not confiscated at airport security
  8. Scrap yarn – great for if you don’t have stitch holders or need to put way more on hold than the straight holders allow
  9. Ruler/Gauge – while not extremely necessary if you have a tape measure, if you’re just getting used to checking gauge, the flat gauge guide can be very helpful as it holds your work flat while you count.
  10. A pen
  11. Rouge DPNs – usually in the size you need to finish the project, but ofet just floating around looking for stitches to pick up
  12. Both locking (a) and closed (b) stitch markers – Locking stitch markers are incredibly handy – you can use them to track the right side of the work, they hang in stitches to help measure distance and they look pretty cool. Closed stitch markers are not as necessary (you can always use scrap yarn) but they do provide contrast to the yarn and are great for marking out the pattern.
  13. cable needleA. is a close up of 4, the cable needle – this style is great because it hangs on either side of the work and stitches don’t slip off, however, a stray DPN can also work if you don’t have a cable needle. B are darning needles – finish your work, make designs in duplicate stitch and embroider your heart out!

Not pictured above are the other items that have come to join my notions as carry everywhere needs. These items include ibuprofen, a tide stick, lipstick, earplugs and usually a few bobby pins!


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