5 reasons to knit a baby sweater

I’ve been getting SO into knitting lately. It’s like something just cracked in my brain and all I can think about is yarn. And needles. And combinations of those things. I decided to try knitting my first sweater this year, which is a really big deal! I decided to go with a baby sweater for my first try, and I have five reasons why I think you should do the same thing!

Mira's baby sweater

1. It goes quickly!
This is a no brainer. Things for babies are smaller, so they take way less time! You can finish and feel accomplished, instead of letting your poor sweater stare at you while you think “ugh, another how many inches of stockinette?”

2. It’s cheaper!
You’ll need way less yarn for a baby sweater, so if you do splurge on some nice superwash wool it won’t be too pricey. But you can also go for the cheap stuff, because babies are gross and will spit up all over your beautiful sweater anyway.

3. They’ll wear it
Even if your knit baby sweater turns out ugly, the parents of the child in question can still force them to wear it. And they will, because you spent so much time and effort handknitting this baby sweater for their darling little one!

4. Baby things are cuter
This is just a fact.

5. You can work out the kinks of the sweater pattern before you make it for yourself
I’m still working on my baby sweater, but it’s been a fantastic learning experience for me and I actually feel ready to tackle a sweater for myself. This is amazing! Not every sweater pattern will have sizes for baby-adult, but Tin Can Knits is amazing at providing a wide range of sizes.

Have you knit a sweater before? What sweater patterns would you recommend? I’m excited to make more!


(Originally posted on the Craft Collective)


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